Imagining Futures

This collection started at the beginning of the COVID19 pandemic. As many projects were at that time, it began as a rumination upon what life could be like in the future. 

But imagining futures has been a practice for years and years. I expected something new; instead I dipped into a wellspring. 

This is a collection of abolitionist thought and finding different ways of seeing. These are poetry and visual and literal. These are a small collection, it’s still growing. This collection honors capacity, emergency, agency. 


I was not bold with this project. I did not demand and send out as many calls as I should have. I invited folx in and sent some links, and what coalesced is a brief, lovely collection of thoughtful actions and tender thinkers. These thinkers are not tender in passivity, but in their urgency to continue forward with an acknowledgment of entanglement and hope in productive friction. 

Imagination is anti-fascist. 


The project will continue in the following way: It will grow in resource and in projects. Collections of abolitionist thinking will continue to grow and be housed here. The project will become bi-lingual, inviting communities within Indonesia to join.

To contribute to this project: